// Erik & Christina

I got picked up by some friends of theirs at the airport and we embarked a couple hours north from the city. It was a quaint little town named Tivoli. We all stayed in a big cabin and had the wedding out back with a tent in the woods and some nice rain that evening. The night prior there was a random college party across the street that was visited by us, and made for some interesting photos and all of the college kids sang a congratulatory song to the almost married couple. The day of the wedding was filled with preparation and bustling around the cabin, and flower creations coming together. It all flowed smooth and everyone took it easy and watched as these two joined in matrimony. Christina & Erik:

Well, they got plum tuckered out from the joy of their wedding day and fell asleep on the floor. It was a good wedding, and a joyous celebration, and I was happy to get to share in it.

Wedding Locale: The Barn in Tivoli

Floral Goodness: Hawk & Hare