// Ben & Krystal

A number of us joined together in the warmth of both sun and family and friend and were encouraged and honored to watch these two unite and move forward together. It's absolutely safe to say that all those involved we're for them and their love, and the adventure they are now embarking on. The Barn, and the farm where the wedding took place has been in Krystal's family since the homestead act, where the government entrusted the land at no cost to people to move west and start settling and farming. Krystal's mom said that a Slusher has always resided at the homestead, for over a hundred years now, and they live in the hope that the legacy can continue forward. How fun- getting to ponder the historical significance of a family line, and see where they've come from, and where they're going. 

Sometimes to convey more aptly how I see the beauty I photograph, music and movement has to be added. Here are some of my favorites from Ben & Krystal's wedding: