// The Bliss Family

The Bliss Family embodies their name quite well. They share amongst themselves a kind and generous spirit, and welcome others into it gladly. We went on a picnic together, and I took some photos, and we all shared some stories. And- this old cabin and park where we did the photos, was where Brandon took April on their first date. Brandon, their dad, was sharing with me to today that this coming season is the last in which the whole family will be under one roof, as Makenna will go off to college. What a sweet time to be cherished in their lives. In 2003 The Avett Brothers made an album called "A Carolina Jubilee", and on the last track, they put a recording their father had made of them as kids back in 1985, all dialoguing with their dad, about simply what was going on in their lives, for the sake of posterity. I've always found that to be inspiring, and encouraging- to go about taking photos for the sake of posterity. And so, with this slideshow, I'm sharing just a small piece of that recording. And I hope from here to start diving deeper into the stories that are around me, and to record them, and write them down. We are all worlds to know. May we seek them out.