// Kari & Max are married

An Upstate New York Wedding.

So a fun thing that happened at this wedding. Kari, owner of Morris Kitchen, and her partner Max, asked Negro Pitattioni to come make the meal for the day. Negro is former head chef to Francis Mallmann (as seen on Chef’s Table as well as being known worldwide) who now has his own restaurant in Brooklyn, Mettā. So- the wedding, while inviting everyone in to the love, also invited everyone in to the full day experience of the cooking process. Here are some of my favorites of what I saw that day:

The incredible wedding coordinator: Color Pop Events

The amazing food: Negro Pitattoni

The Bride’s cocktail business: Morris Kitchen

The produce - Hawthorne valley farm 

The cheese - Rubiners

The makeup - Kristina Brown

The stationary - Chloe Green

The letter press - Press New York

The flowers - Flower Kraut

The cake - Zoe Kanan

The ceramic gifts - Elizabeth Levine Studio

The drink: Yola Mezcal

Claire & Chris

‘Twas time well spent in southeast Kansas. Claire and Chris had a backyard wedding and invited all those they love, and then I also spent the night, and woke up the next morning and spent some time with the family, and then did a small portrait session in a nearby state park. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy